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Buchanan Letter
Collection Description

A letter written by Captain Angus Buchanan VC MC after he was blinded in World War One.

Collection Detail

Transcript of the letter:

1 Thomas Street

Cheltam Hill


Sept 27th


Dear General Leach,

I received your letter just before leaving my home and I must thank you very much for it. It is very kind of you to say how much you sympathise with me. You will be glad to hear that I am now in excellent health. I have been very surprised and pleased to find that I can do so many things myself such as writing letters, reading Braille, playing cards and even shaving. I should be very glad to see you Lieut Colonel Sir E. Norton Griffith at any time. I shall return to my home from here and later I may go up to London to St Dunstans. I will let you know as soon as I go there. I hope I have made this letter legible.


Yours sincerely

Angus Buchanan

S Wales Borderers

Accession Number

BRCRM: L1948.12

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