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Manuscript of Colours 24th Reg
Collection Description

A manuscript describing the actions of Lieutenant Teignmouth Melville VC at the battle of Isandlwana on January 22nd, 1879. This manuscript was written April 2nd, 1879 by D. Stuart.

Collection Detail

Transcript of the manuscript:

The Colours of the 24th Regiment

The gallantry of Lieutenant
Melville, who, -when mortally wounded, threw
himself into the river with the Colours of the
24th Regiment, -is one of the most splendid
incidents in the heroic history of the British
Army. The name of this noble Soldier
Should be borne on the Colours of The
Regiment; for his Death was as glorious
as have been many Victories.
In Memoriam

He sleeps in glory.
Were his name unknown, –
Lost with the perished records of the past;
His place of death a mystery; his race,
His office in the polity of men,
His life, -were those unknown, uncertain, -still,
Still, his grand story, like a beacon of light,
Would raise the darkness, -bright to every eye, –
And teach all men how a brave man can die!

How he can die when Duty leads the way;
With honour, not to lose, but to be won,
With valour burning in each bleeding vein,
With dauntless pride midst ruin and defeat,
With all nobility of manliness; –
All the soul’s power centred in one deed,
All that is Life, and Hope, at once put by
For one last act, – and that – how well to die!
So well died Melville! Not unknown his name,
His death scene, or his work among us men!
So died he, glorious in his shroud of war,
His Country’s Flag – honoured by him in death,
And honoured by his death! –
O! Melville, live!
Thou art not dead, thou noble Englishman;
Thou still must live! When England’s soldiers
Like thee, they conquer Immortality.
Port Louis, 2nd April 1879
D. Stuart

Accession Number

BRCRM 2022.27

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