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The Museum tells the fascinating story of some of the British army’s most famous regiments.  The Royal Welsh is comprised of antecedent regiments which, through amalgamations, has made it what it is today.

Our antecedent regiments:

  • The South Wales Borderers (the 24th)
  • The Royal Welsh Fusiliers (23rd)
  • The Welch Regiment (the 41st)
  • The South Lincolnshire (the 69th)
  • The Monmouthshire Regiment
  • The Royal Regiment of Wales
  • The Royal Welsh

The Royal Welsh regiment exists as a result of a number of mergers of other, earlier units. This table shows the current Regiment’s proud and extensive lineage.

This long history, dating back to the late 1680s, is told through many kinds of objects including uniforms, medals, weapons and models. The regiments have seen action in many prominent events, including the British campaign in South Africa (visit us and discover what really happened in the 1879 Zulu War!), and both world wars. Forty-three of the regiments’ soldiers have received the Victoria Cross, and we commemorate their sacrifice and heroism as well as that of all the men and women associated with our regiments who have contributed so much to our country.

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