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‘Never Forget Your Welsh Heroes’ is a unique campaign to track down and digitise letters and diaries from Welsh soldiers (and soldiers who served in Welsh regiments) from any period in the history of the British Armed Forces. The purpose is to create a digital national archive that can be accessed online.

This will be an opportunity for the public to freely access and learn more about the voice of the individual Welsh soldier, and to appreciate the Welsh contribution to conflicts of Britain’s past.

We are building up our online archive which you can view on our website below.  Our aim is to spread the word, to get as many people as possible rummaging through their attics, cupboards and family memorabilia for letters, diaries, scrapbooks, photos etc. of their service. Though the 1914-18 war is currently in the spotlight, we accept material from all conflicts.

You can contact us at:  01497 847262

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