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The Medal of Punjab was awarded to the men who served in the Second Anglo-Sikh Wars.

A large number of these medals were awarded to the Indian troops but later they were melted down due to the silver content. As a result of this, most of the medals we find now are those of the European recipients than that of the native troops.

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This portrait of Colonel Pennycuick, the leader of the 24th Regiment in the Battle of Chillianwalla in the Anglo-Sikh Wars, is proudly exhibited in The Regimental Museum of the Royal Welsh.

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The sketch depicts the Battle of Chilianwala, painted by Lieutenant Archer, 96th Foot, attached to the 24th in the Punjab Campaign.

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During the Battle of Chilianwala, Colonel Pennycuick led the 24th Regiment. He fought bravely in the thick jungles around the village. However, he fell as did his son Alexander Pennycuick who was mortally injured while trying to protect the body of his father. This sketch depicts Alexander Pennycuick trying to protect the body of his brave father.

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